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Meet the founder

My name is Saijal Patel and I’m the founder of Saje and Vine. I started this business because I love exploring delicious local products made by passionate vendors and learning about the origins of those products. I found an incredible opportunity to fill this space by providing an elevated experience grounded by local gems and rich history. There are a few experiences in my life that led me to launch this company. Here’s the story of how Saje and Vine came to life.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and having met an influential lawyer at a young age, I was inspired to combine those two interests into a career path focused on corporate law. The world of business has always fascinated me – it opens doors and invites a lifetime of learning, which is something that I love.

With those aspirations in mind, I set off to pursue my undergraduate degree in business from the UBC Okanagan Campus, choosing to expand my horizons by exploring a new city. My time there immersed me into the wine and food culture of the region. I learned so much and had the pleasure of meeting many owners of small wineries. This experience reinforced my appreciation for good food and wine.

That appreciation really took hold with my formative experience of travelling throughout my life and finding hidden gems. On all those trips, what I enjoyed most was visiting places off the beaten track. I loved to find small local spots that really represented the place I was visiting so I could learn about its history and value of the amazing cuisine I got to savour.

Back home in Vancouver, I found myself wanting to translate those experiences into my own hosting. I strongly feel that there is something special about knowing the source and history of the products I prepare on my charcuterie boards. But every board I found simply didn’t tell that story. I started searching for local shops to make my own custom boards so I could tell the enlightening story of these different products inspired by different regions around the world.

This led to a lightbulb moment: I realized that the market was missing that elevated charcuterie experience and the potential of this opportunity became crystal clear to me. I made the decision to pursue this venture wholly and completely. I had been working at a law firm for two years and had been accepted to law school, but when the idea for Saje and Vine took hold, I knew I had to follow my passion.

I’m motivated to grow this business with a clear vision and values that emphasize local gems, an elevated experience, and putting the customer first. Vancouver is such a diverse city with people from different areas of the world bringing a unique take on the foods they produce. I love to find these artisans and showcase their work. Knowing where something comes from and the story of how and why it was produced a certain way enhances the value and pleasure it holds. That’s the experience that Saje and Vine offers to the customer, and it’s essential to me that the entire ordering and fulfillment process is easy, convenient, and reliable.

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