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Charcuterie in Vancouver has turned into such a beautiful trend that is here to stay! It is the perfect appetizer, drink/wine pairing, preliminary to dinner and much more for essentially any event. Originally, charcuterie was intended as a preservation method before the advent of refrigeration, but today they are prepared for their flavours derived from this preservation process. In Vancouver, our beautiful diverse city, we have had many variations to what a charcuterie board looks like. From a traditional charcuterie board, comprising of salt cured meats , pâtés and more to a Mediterranean inspired board with various dips, charcuterie boards can cater to essentially anyone’s preferences.

There are so many incredible things you can do when it comes to DIY… especially when it’s charcuterie. When it comes to building a charcuterie board, there are numerous ways to go about it when choosing the ingredients. The beauty with the DIY charcuterie is that you can go in various directions and personally create a board based on your own needs. The challenges I faced when creating a charcuterie board was getting all the ingredients, it was never easy. I would go to specific meat shops and cheese shops to get the particular items, which was very time consuming. However, our DIY menu solves this issue! In Vancouver, it can be a challenge to make your own charcuterie, but luckily this challenge has been solved! Ordering your favourite charcuterie items has never been easier.

Our DIY menu is broken down into categories, you can choose exactly what kind of meat, cheese & other items you would like to include. We are proud to be a part of BC’s buy BC initiative and use local products. British Columbia has so much to offer in terms of fresh cheeses, artisanal jams/dips and cured meats. We like to find these local artisans and use products made sustainably and locally. Again, Vancouver is such a diverse city and we are able to enjoy products from suppliers with different perspectives on producing delicious goods. Browse through our DIY and try some new local products for your next gathering!

Saijal Patel

My name is Saijal Patel and I love exploring delicious charcuterie products made by passionate local artisans. My vision and values focus on finding local gems and showcasing them with elevated charcuterie experiences. Read more...

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