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We are SO excited to announce our special holiday boards (also available in boxes!) and our holiday themed gift boards! Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they are absolutely beautiful and feature passionate local vendors. 

For the Holiday’s we have a charcuterie board and a cheese flight, but available on wooden boards or boxes. These are the perfect grazing board during the holiday season, as they are incredibly delicious and the items on the board complement each other very well. We find these charcuterie and cheese boards to be the perfect start to any gathering you have this season and are incredible gifts. 

Our holiday board is not only pleasing to the eye, but features premium quality ingredients like the Asturias smoked chorizo from Oyama sausage, finocchiona salami, Roquefort cheese, aged cheddar & much more! Adding to this we are featuring the famous Lesley Stowe Raincoast crisps in their cranberry & hazelnut flavour. This board is everything Christmas with the bright holiday colours to the flavours. You will definitely enjoy this board this holiday season. Perfect as a gift or to host a gathering this season.

Our Holiday Cheese Flight is the perfect addition to any holiday gathering! The perfect board for a wine or whiskey pairing or a starter to your evening.  It features a creamy brie, Comté, Manchego, spiced Gouda and Roquefort blue cheese with fruits, nuts, honey and of course artisanal cranberry hazelnut crackers by Lesley Stowe. 

Not only are these amazing to have before a gathering, but they are very thoughtful gifts. Opening up a charcuterie board or a gift board like this is such an incredible way to celebrate Christmas or the New Year. Make your loved ones feel remembered and show your love in a unique way. 

Saijal Patel

My name is Saijal Patel and I love exploring delicious charcuterie products made by passionate local artisans. My vision and values focus on finding local gems and showcasing them with elevated charcuterie experiences. Read more...

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