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Brie originates from Seine-et-Marne in France and is a soft cow’s milk cheese. This cheese is extra rich and creamy with a slightly runny texture. Brie is best enjoyed at room temperature or even warmed up in the oven. Brie is best complemented with some fruit and crushed walnuts. This cheese is often compared to Camembert, however, Brie is milder and has a softer creamy texture. Pairing: The most popular beverage pairing for Brie is champagne or sparkling wine. But there are other drinks that go well with this as well such as fruit-forward red wines such as Pinot Noir. Chardonnay is a popular wine that works very well with Brie as they complement each other beautifully. The luminous acidity from the Chardonnay is a great palate cleanser which inhibits the brie from becoming too overpowering.
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