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Saltspring Island Cheese for Sept 2021!

Every month we are going to release a new ‘featured’ board that will showcase a few new local artisans along with the ones we already carry. This month we decided to highlight Saltspring Island cheese, Helmut’s Sausage & Habibi’s hummus. We absolutely love their products (and their story!) and cannot wait to share them with you! 

Saltspring Island Cheese 

This month the cheese that we will be featuring is a mouthwatering goat chevre from Saltspring Island. As one of my favourite soft spreadable cheeses, this cheese needed to be the first one featured! Not only is this locally produced but it is made from a family who uses only traditional handmade methods and only natural ingredients in all their cheeses. The list of what they put in their cheese is short and sweet; 100% pure goat milk, sea salt, dairy culture, and rennet. They pride themselves on the highest quality ingredients, which as they say (and I agree!) are key to incredible taste. If you have never tried this cheese, I promise you that it will NOT disappoint.

Helmut’s Sausage

Helmut’s is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley situated in Kelowna and Vernon, BC. What makes them incredibly special is that they have passed down generations of charcuterie making using only European traditional practices while only sourcing local ingredients. Not only are they using recipes from over 100 years ago but upholding their forefathers traditions. Helmut’s takes pride in producing premium European influence sausage, smoked meat and charcuterie sourced from locally and ethically raised stock by Canadian family farm partners. They strongly believe in simple ingredients, processes and retaining the naturally flavourful qualities in their meats. We are absolutely thrilled to be incorporating their European style pepperoni on our featured board this month.


Habibi’s Hummus

This month we are featuring a Lebanese style hummus made from a passionate family-owned local company based in Surrey, BC. Habibi’s Mediterranean Foods believes in making all their products with locally sourced ingredients while maintaining authentic old world recipes. Each country has its own way of making hummus and their traditional Lebanese recipe is based on that region’s version. The Lebanese style hummus is thicker and not shy on garlic and even though the ingredients are simple it is packed with flavour. This is as close as you can get to a traditional homemade hummus.

So get ready to place your order soon as we only have limited quantities of this feature board! Hurry now while our promotion is still active! We can’t wait to hear what you think! If you would like to be notified when we release new boards, join our mailing list! 

Saijal Patel

My name is Saijal Patel and I love exploring delicious charcuterie products made by passionate local artisans. My vision and values focus on finding local gems and showcasing them with elevated charcuterie experiences. Read more...

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