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After a hard long day of work, I felt disappointed when I reviewed my plans for the evening and it only consisted of Netflix. This pandemic has been especially difficult for those who enjoy new experiences. My dad felt the same way, so we decided to add a lovely outing to our agenda. The Stable House Bistro. We ordered wine, charcuterie, and pâté. I am constantly amazed at how a single board of a variety of meats, cheeses and other delicacies bring joy and spark conversation between people.

The vibrancy of the board is astonishing. Charcuterie boards can truly allow the maker to showcase their creativity. Messy or organized? It really does not matter. In both cases, each beautiful in its own way. At the Stable House Bistro, we got the opportunity to choose our own cheeses and cured meats. This concept of choosing items and ‘constructing’ your own board gives guests the opportunity to choose what cheeses will pair nicely based on their choice of drink. We ordered a harder cheese, that was a bit saltier than a pecorino and it paired exceptionally well with our BC Syrah wine. On the board we got a side of their grainy mustard and apple jam which complemented the other items quite nicely. The perfect balance of sweet and salty. My father and I felt that each bite brought about a different characteristic and experience in our wine. We considerably enjoyed this.

Saijal Patel

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