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It’s the season of love and another opportunity to shower your loved one (including yourself of course!) with a bit of extra love. Whether it is for you, a family member, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend or partner, it’s definitely a day worth celebrating if you have someone you’d like to take a few extra steps for. 

Valentine’s day in this day and age has been heavily influenced by social media and commercialized, that we sometimes forget what truly matters. When spending time with your loved one on this day, be sure to put away distractions (most importantly, your phone!), to fully engage in spending quality time with your partner/loved one without being influenced by social media. It is a day to celebrate love, friendship and admiration for those you care about including yourself. 

 Today, I am going to share with you a few tips to create a meaningful and romantic wine and charcuterie evening that you can recreate with your loved one. 

I believe the ambiance and atmosphere play crucial roles in creating a loving space with your partner especially on a date night on Valentine’s day. Start your evening by putting away your phone which is typically the main source of distraction. I suggest doing this to facilitate more conversation and face to face interactions which are more meaningful and essential to your relationship. Since the pandemic, we have been increasingly drawn to technology, which has distanced us from real purposeful human interaction. I tend to also lean towards turning off the TV and opting in to play some calming music in the background while I get started preparing for the date. It is so easy to forget the things that truly matter when we are stuck on a screen, so take time to put your phone away this valentines day and spend quality time and show love and appreciation to your loved one. 

Next, I want to make sure I open up a special bottle of wine while keeping in mind what will pair well with it. If there is a special bottle of wine you are looking forward to opening, make sure you choose your cheeses accordingly.

This is important because you want the cheese to complement your special wine rather than overpower it. Keeping that in mind, picking out special products beforehand is very important. We have a variety of cheeses and charcuterie items to choose from so you will be getting the best products delivered to you. To learn more about cheese and wine pairings check out our previous blog. 

Once you have your wine and cheese out, it is time to decorate and finish setting up so the ambiance for your evening is perfect. To decorate, it is nice to have some fresh fruit and nuts as well as flowers (especially roses for Valentine’s day) and a nice candle to create a fresh inviting scent.

Saijal Patel

My name is Saijal Patel and I love exploring delicious charcuterie products made by passionate local artisans. My vision and values focus on finding local gems and showcasing them with elevated charcuterie experiences. Read more...

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